Group Courses

Group Courses

Group Courses


A completely different approach to learning

Full guided courses in a small group format!

Available Group Courses

Experience keto and fasting

  • 8-week course on metabolic flexibility
  • Get into ketosis in a safe and guided way
  • Practise 16/8 intermittent fasting
  • Learn why keto and fasting are so powerful tools

Optimise keto lifestyle

Optimise your keto lifestyle

  • Learn about all types of fat and their benefits
  • Balance key nutrients
  • Do a prolonged fasting with the team
  • Do carbs have a place in our diet?


  • Have fun with like-minded people, share experiences and support each other with privacy and respect.
  • Small groups of 10 people max.
  • Weekly Zoom sessions and daily group discussions.
  • Weekly objectives, exercises, tips, action plans, recipes, articles and more to make your journey as smooth as possible.
  • The courses are designed in a way that allows you to the change and make it part of your life.
  • You will receive personalised feedback from our coaches.
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