Gina’s Expert series experience

One way or another I completed the Practitioner series having achieved a remarkable weight loss and learning the importance of a balance diet. So time for me to move on, to the Expert series. The journey continues!

It all had to do first with improving sleeping patterns, getting quality sleep and second with
achieving a higher micronutrient intake now that diet is more balanced. It sounded so easy,
but, it turned out to be much more difficult.


I never realized that I wasn’t sleeping well. For me just lying down to bed after a hard days
work was enough. Did I feel ok in the morning? Not always. Through the discussions with my coach and reading the provided documents I understood the importance of sleep.

I followed his advice and started a journal creating a routine before going to sleep. I even
arranged my sleeping environment accordingly. Planning in my journal was not difficult and I tried to go to bed early. However, I failed many times. Some of them due to my kids and some of them due to work (on call duty for me means sleeping light in fear of not hearing the phone ring at night). Also when I came home at 9.30 pm after a long shift it took me a while to relax- going to bed at 10 was not an option. I got disappointed.

We talked this over many times with Panagiotis and realized it was no use getting disappointed. This was not something I had to achieve for the series sake, I was building something to keep for the rest of my life. This was a real experience..

Slowly, I started to to adjust and started to see the benefits. I managed to go to bed before 11.00 pm most of the days, even when I returned from work late. Instead of relaxing in front of the TV I preferred reading a book. Sometimes sleep took over, others not. The important thing is that it became a routine – I was in bed even if my kids were still awake. Did they wake me up at nights? YES! But the routine was established and I managed to get a good night’s sleep half of the days.

My sleeping tracking device helped a lot. I even managed to improve my deep sleep some of the days. But the important thing is that in the mornings I felt quite energetic . Did I achieve perfection? NO. But I learned do’s and don’ts through a very well structured program and I keep trying to do things differently at my own pace. The key is not to give up. I am still working on it and I am quite satisfied with myself.


I already had established as part of the Practitioner series a well balanced diet and knew what to eat and what not. As time went by though I showed a preference to simple and quick meals mostly because I seemed not to have time to prepare a proper meal (I already cooked different meals for my family). This resulted in a drop in my nutrients intake.

But as we proceeded deeper in the program and through weekly analysis on my diet, I changed my eating habbits. Planning ahead the weekly meals helped a lot. I wrote down what I was supposed to eat and see if I could fit my family members to it. Browsing ketOntrack for recipes gave me ideas of how to incorporate different ingredients to my meals. So some of the days my meals were plain and simple some more sophisticated. Variety played a major role. The easiest way to accomplish that was with salads – eating variety of greens is essential. I managed to reach an acceptable level of micronutrient intake even when eating one meal per day. I never gave up and continued to lose weight while really becoming confident with intermmitent fasting. Currently I am following an 18-fasting window.

The important thing is that I learned that there are lots of options to make your food more interesting and that it doesn’t necessary have to exclude other family members.

I am quite satisfied with myself. Not perfect but improving every day. Thank you ketOntrack!