Winter has come….and everyone seems to be fighting-off some sort of virus or flu! Bacteria, infections, coughing, flu’s and colds all require a strong immune system. Let’s look into how to build up our immune firewalls!

The foundation of the immune system is Vitmin-A, Vitamin-C , Vitamin-D and Zinc. We have already discussed Vitamin A in another post so please refer to it. In this post we will discuss Vitamin-C. Let’s get started!

Humans are one of a few select species that have to eat foods with Vitamin-C since we cannot make it ourselves. When most people think of Vitamin-C, they think of colds. But it has so many more functions.

What does Vitamin-C do?

How do we get enough Vitamin-C?

Vegetables are great sources of Vitamin-C

Get as much as possible! Although the RDA is 75 mg per day most people require way more than that.

Vitamin C is extremely stable in dry foods and powders, but degrades in the presence of heat. Vegetables lose 15% of their C when stir-fried, 30% when baked or boiled. The best way to protect Vitamin-C during cooking is to add a source of acidity, such as vinegar.

The best Vitamin-C rich food are

Important : Sugar, grains, refined and processed foods hurt vitamin-C status, so it is a good practice to enjoy your salad alone.


Vitamin C is not stored in the body (excess amounts are excreted), so overdose is not a concern. If you can’t hit 100-150 mg/d with food, you should supplement. There are at least a dozen forms of vitamin C on the market, but you can stick with plain ascorbic acid.

Key Takeaways

Vitamin C is crucial for getting rid of those winter colds. But it does so much more we need to incorporate Vitamin C rich foods into our daily eating habits. We need vitamin C for strong bones, robust immunity, resistance to illness and toxicity, healthy skin. Eat plenty of salads and don’t forget to include organ meats in your weekly plan!

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