Folate (or B9) is a key nutrient for many critical functions. Folate plays in many of our emotions. We sometimes feel angry, depressed, anxious or at times we have trouble concentrating or sleeping or feeling weak and tired. All this can be depend on folate.

Folate and Methylation

Folate supports a system known as methylation, a biochemical process that takes place within our body. By methylating certain genes, we can turn off your genetic tendency to many disease. This process of turning genes on and off is known as epigenetics

Methylation is crucial for more than 200 of our body’s functions!

These are all functions where folate is involved and required!

Folate deficiency is usually associated with anemia, where we have fewer red blood cells than you should, and where they are bigger than they should be. This can result in feeling tired, weak, or cause our heart to skip beats or beat irregularly.

How much folate do we need

A lot of other nutrients support folate so the amount can vary but the RDA is set to 400mcg for adults.

How do we get all the folate we need

Liver is the best sources for folate

Folate is most abundant in “the three L’s.” Liver, legumes, and leafy greens.

Important notes


Folate has no known toxicity, however the upper limit for supplemental folate is set at 1 mg/d.

Key Takeaways

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