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Beginner Course

Panagiotis Kottas


Getting started can be the hardest part of anything. The ketOntrack Beginner Strength course is the perfect start for your strength and mobility journey. This course is designed to create a foundation of strength, flexibility and mobility through safe, effective and most of all fun moves which a challenging but approachable.

As you go through the course you will learn yoga-based postures, you will develop greater understanding of your body. You will also learn body weight strength exercises and work on all the muscles of the body. The Beginner Strength course strength will also help you increase flexibility and range of motion especially around the hips.

The course consists of 12 unique classes. Each class is around 40 minutes long …. To help you keep on-track and motivated , this plan includes two training calendar options that will guide your practice.

The Beginner Strength offers a safe and easy approach to building strength through yoga movement. You will finish this plan with increased strength and flexibilty, strong foundation and good habits that you can build upon.

Instructor Profile

Panagiotis is the greatest coach ever.

Series Details

Total Run Time :

2 hr 47 min (12 Videos)

Difficulty : Advanced

Intensity : Intensity


Beginner course - Day 1

Today we focus on pushups

Beginner course - Day 2

Today we focus on back

Beginner course - Day 3

Today we focus on pushups

Beginner course - Day 4

Today we focus on back