Join us at fit@Cosmo

Join us at fit@Cosmo

Saturday 19th of September 17:00 , at fit@Cosmo


Hey there!

Have you tried to change your diet, do more regular exersizes or become more healthy overall? Do you want to understand your habits, and become a better you?

ketOntrack is here to help you!

Did you know that fitness is one of the key markers for health and longevity? Exercise has many great benefits, which go far beyond being muscular and lean. But by only focusing on fitness and neglecting the other important parts, like nutrition, habits and sleep you are still missing out on longevity.

Are you curious how to work on your entire YOU?

In collaboration with one of the top fitness gyms in Dusseldorf, we are happy host a seminar just for you at the fit@Cosmo facilities on Saturday, 19th of September to discuss how nutrition can help you meet your fitness goals and not only!

Fitness meets nutrition and health!

  • When and how often should you eat.
  • What should you eat and what to avoid.
  • Why exercising helps triggering Longevity pathways.
  • Why only focussing on (muscle) growth is not enough.

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