I am now on day 1 of my third fast. Intention this time around is to do a 3-day fast since it fits with family travelling plans which actually makes it easier from my perspective. What?? Total absense of food for 3-days? Yes!, and we should all incoporate it for 1-2 times a year. Let’s look into a long list of benefits when fasting.

What is fasting?

Fasting is the total absense of food and calories for a period of time. For the purposes of this article we are looking into prolonged water fasting and of duration between 3 to 5 days. There are other forms of fasting such as intermittent fasting or dry-fasting. During any prolonged period of fasting the body is depleting all glycogen reserves it has and starts using fat (ketones) as the main energy source. This is a more stable and efficient energy source which we have an abundance of in the form of fat on our body. Fasting is praticed since thousands of years in different forms from most religions ( Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism etc) both for spiritual and health benefits.

Why fast?

Health and longevity is mostly determined by balancing periods between of anabolism where our body is growing and periods of catabolism where our body cleaning itself. During times of eating we are promoting growth where in the absense of food we are promoting pathways and supressing hormones that help us :

How to fast?

Fasting is not so difficult as it sounds. You should probably be already metabolically flexible and already practise intermmitent fasting so your body can utilize in an efficient way ketones as an energy source.

It is important to note that we need to be quite careful when breaking our fast since the digestive track shuts down after three days and we need to take really easy when the re-feeding period starts. I will be writing a separeate post on this in the next days.

Key takaways

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