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Our Concept

Lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle with 5 areas of focus

We believe health almost always is reflected into all areas of our life. How we feel, how we look, how much energy we have.
Are you thriving and running after your dreams?

Being healthy is about being full of energy every single day of our life and not being limited by disease, reduced cognitive function, inflammation, reduced mobility or bad habits. 

KetOntrack can help you to transform your lifestyle, improve your health and establish good habits for a lifetime!

We strongly believe that the process of transforming your lifestyle can only be successful when you start to look into all aspects of your health and habits. For this reason we will be looking into 5 different pillars and working with you step-by-step to lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

Unfortunately there is so much misinformation in our over-consuming society. We want to empower you with the right knowledge, best practices and building blocks to achieve a positive change in your lifestyle, similar to how we have experienced it ourselves.

KetOntrack is a growing health and lifestyle community. With the help of our members you will never feel alone. Being part of a community dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, you engage yourself to get your life back on track. Let’s grow this community together.

The 5 ketOtrack Pillars



Having the full spectrum of nutrients you need, dictates pretty much every metabolic pathway in life. Energy can be created only with the right fuel and machinery. But establishing proper nutritional habits extends to so much more than what we put in our mouth. Bad nutrition will eventually create imbalance in hormones, deficiencies, bad digestion, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, diabetes to name a few. Getting all the nutrients you need and correcting all the problems is easier with some type of diets than other. ketOntrack stands behind a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle as the best way to achieve optimum performance. 


Eating is the time of feasting and nourishing ourselves, a time of abundance so we can grow and repair. But it is not all about eating. There is also time to clean-up, recycle old proteins, toxins and give ourselves time to relax and heal.  The second pillar of health is fasting. Reaching a balanced state is called homeostasis and is key of achieving health. Constant growth is linked with many diseases, accelerated aging and cancer. Fasting is not a state malnutrition but a phase where we unlock many longevity pathways in our body which are only triggered in the absence of food. And even if it is counter intuitive, don’t imagine you will go hungry. We all have a very big reserve of energy that we are carrying at all times. That is our own fat!!! We just need to be able to reach that source and use it efficiently. We can do that very effectively when we are metabolically flexible. 




What nutrition can not fix, sleep will. The body regenerates itself during sleep and we need to ensure that every day we have deep, quality sleep. And that is our third key pillar. Quality sleep is not only related to the time you sleep, it has to do with preparing yourself before going to bed, considering what you eat and drink in relation to your bed time, as well as preparing your sleep environment properly. In the same way being mindful of your lifestyle and your daily routines will help you to live your best life!


There is also another important area in our lives to consider. Our environment and the way we are currently leading our lives. The way we live has significantly changed the last few hundred years. It is for sure more convenient but is it more healthy? The fourth pillar of health is called biohacking. Biohacking stands for understanding how to improve performance, energy levels and cognitive function by optimising the environment around you and inside you. Connecting with the elements of nature (like grounding for example) is the first step into the world of biohacking in order to achieve optimal health. 




Giving to your body all the nutrients it needs and sleeping well, will allow you to perform in a nearly optimum way. But probably the single best habit in our life is the one that stresses us the most. Exercise. The exercise paradox is that it promotes health and longevity while being very stressful for the body. Our bodies do not grow,  same way that our minds don’t grow, without enough stimulus. Exercising is for the body what reading is to the mind.  As the ancient Greeks “Keep your body healthy to have a healthy mind”. 

Real Health is only achievable when you take a holistic view of your lifestyle
The ketOtrack team