Cee Kay´s third week with KetOntrack

Having been
challenged in week 2, week 3 was all about substantiating the KetOntrack
program. I have followed the learning curve of the previous weeks and was now
really focused on cutting carbs and sugar in general. I stuck to the outlined
principles easily, and it is really fun to cook tasty meals with a much better
macro and micro nutritious factor, compared to the time before I started the

interval fasting has become part of the daily routine and what I couldn´t have
imagined initially, it is quite energizing!

Focus now
is to increase activities, such as walking, easy work out for the start and
yoga and build a day routine, that will be sustainable going forward.

My three
interesting insights in week 3:

Processed foods are sometimes surprisingly, sometimes not, equipped with
supplements that are inadequate for a healthy style of living.

2. Liver
can be prepared in variants that are quite tasty and supply me with the nutritious
intake my body needs.

3. Down by 7 kilos now, compared to when I started the program, is a nice side effect, whereby the healthier style of living is much more rewarding.

I´m still
not where I wanted to be from a fitness perspective, and I´m planning to change
the training schedule a bit in week 4, so I can target of achieving gradual
increase of workouts, stay tuned for news.

As a goodie, I´m going to reward myself with a visit to the sauna starting week 4, focusing on increasing intake on raw salads and vegetables, supplementing the KetOntrack lifestyle with the right level of balanced vitamin intake.


Cee Kay.