Cee Kay´s tenth week with KetOntrack


Looking into the new year’s resolution, I had been curious to see how I can kick start my metabolism again. Whilst I have been experimenting with MCT oil and did explore biohacking with it, as mentioned here, I have decided as part of the new year’s resolution to do a wet fast of at least 48 hours.

Doing an extended fast

So, in week 10, I fasted for 64 hours and it was a very good experience, detoxing myself and as well re-triggering the metabolism to be in extended ketosis. After 48 hours of fast I measured blood sugar and ketone level and I was in good shape. Ketones were on a good level and I felt energized. Cravings did not really bother me, as I´m meanwhile used to 20h fasting cycles. Only when the fasting cycle was close to an end, when I was preparing a beef bone broth, cravings kicked in really bad, as I was smelling the soon to be consumed food. During the fast I drank a lot of water and I also had my morning routine lemon and salt sparkling water, to kick start my day. I have consumed just one coffee a day and all in all drank around 3-4 liters of water each day. I broke the fast with the beef bone broth, so I would slowly start to consume food again. Still my digestive system was rioting on the day I broke the fast, but it was ok again by the time I went to bed. Energy levels were remarkably good and I felt light and refreshed during and after the fast. I have continued my workout program during the fasting window and picked up and increased schedule thereafter, so I will profit from the fasting period in the best possible way.

My deep sleep patterns are continuously improving as well in week 10. But I´m still not there, so I´m working on improved sleep quality. CBD oil helps in that, taking it before going to bed as well as supplements for magnesium, potassium and calcium, which is supporting my nights regeneration and generally quality of sleep. As a positive side effect of CBD oil, I noticed that it was removing blockages in my body, that physiotherapy wasn´t able to tackle. Now if this is a result from better sleep quality or the CBD oil itself is hard to distinguish.

My three key takeaways in week 10:

  1. Fasting for an extended period is great and when already experienced in IF, quite easy to approach.
  2. Extended fast detoxes and can be a way to re-trigger ketosis and weight loss when having reached a flat table.
  3. CBD oil and or increased sleep quality can help remove blockades in the muscles and junctions.

In Week 11, I will focus mainly on fitness and creating new recipes, trying to establish a continuous good metabolism and having some variance in my diet.

Cee Kay.

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  1. Hey Christian! Sleep is the single most important function for recovery. It will help with inflammation and the increased levels of HGH will also assist in repair of muscle tissues. Keep up the good work!


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