Cee Kay´s seventh week with KetOntrack


Having achieved the sixth week practitioner, I felt eager to continue the journey and now focus on continuing the program. I am now pushing the inherited daily routine of 16/8 intermittent fasting to two to three times 20/4 fasting per week, which provides me an extra push. I am confident that with week 8 this will be a routine. Given that I can focus on two meals a day for the 20/4 days, which is accommodating my personal preference more, I do enjoy trying out more and more recipes and have of course varied my salad construction kit for my meals. The Sauna / Spa visit is now a weekly routine and really helps me in literally following a healthy weekly cycle, where I can feel the push on my metabolism as a result of a Sauna session.

Week 7 was initiating a deeper focus on sleep patterns. Less screen time, more concentrated reading before going to bed as well as inheriting the knowledge from the previous weeks. Now I must say that changing sleep patterns is really changing my day routine more than the change of eating habits, by following intermittent fasting guidelines. I´m setting the scene to follow a plan that allows me to have 8 hours of sleep, with 50% deep sleep phases so I complement my food intake to perfection. This is still an ongoing task, and I am nearing the goal on most of my nights now.

Of course, there is a “but”, which is quite some concerns. Being a father of a 1.5-year-old child, nights can´t be planned out rosy as per scrap book. On top I was suffering a slight cold, which was disturbing my nights rest a bit.

My three key takeaways in week 7:

  1. Amending sleeping patterns is harder than expected, but when longer sleep cycles are achieved with good deep sleep phases, my biorhythm is positively affected, i.e. by better concentration and fitness levels throughout the day.
  2. Pushing intermittent fasting to the next level is an easy top up to the established 16/8 schedule.
  3. On extended fasting intervals, I am really happy with two proper meals, compared to three in the usual fasting mode.

Week 8 focus for me is to further establish a better sleeping plan and observe the success in my sleep tracking device. I have taken a blood test to measure the results of the first 6 weeks and am eager to get the results, even though my doc already stated that he expects good results, given the ultra sonic examination he conducted on my inner organs. I have gotten a prescription for physiotherapy, so I am able to find some root causes for slight pain, resulting from my day to day workouts.

I am currently trying to bake some nice x-mas cookies in a low carb version. I have amended my grandma’s recipe for this twice, but have not yet achieved a satisfactory result. I was successful and find the recipe here.


Cee Kay.

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