Cee Kay´s second week with ketOntrack


Having completed week 1 at ease, week 2 became a challenge, when I was suffering a cold for three days. I continued to absorb the information available on ketontrack.com and found that the recipes available in the weekly plans and on ketontrack.com helped me quite a lot in finding the right nutritious balance in the meals I prepare. I am now tracking every food and liquid intake on cronometer, and this helps to visualize the macro and micro nutrients I had consumed during a day.

I continued 16/8 interval fasting at ease, but needed to amend the schedule to a more family friendly timeframe, so we can enjoy two meals a day together. One interesting development I noticed was that in the morning after I hydrated myself, I am not hungry at all. Even pushing out to 16.5 – 17 hours in the intermittent fasting wouldn´t result in any hunger feelings, but, as soon as I had the first meal, I became very hungry and the body was demanding more food. I could counter that by drinking 1-2 glasses of water. 

I am now much more closely monitoring what I eat and first of all, which food I buy. I have always preferred to buy an organic variant of vegetables, meat, or any other ingredients over the conventional food in the past, but now more than before, I am compromising less, which means I rather do not buy the ingredient I need right on the spot, but search for alternatives.

Some noticable side effects were revealing, such as my skin became somewhat smoother and I have automatically adopted a better sleeping schedule, nearing the 8 hours of sleep suggested as per plan.

My three positive takeaways for week 2:

  1. Missing carbs and sugar, are less problematic than imagined. I even feel much more energetic.
  2. Taste is enriched in many foods, mainly because I am more conscious on what I eat.
  3. In total I have now lost 5.5 kilos, which is great, although I had not increased work out to the level I wanted to.

Loving to cook, I am finding the right balance slowly too a.) cook for myself in a keto friendly way and b.) add side dishes for the family, so we have our meals together. It works better every day.

Two little downsides within week 2:

  1. Since for three days I was suffering a cold, I cheated the schedule twice.
  2. This week was trying to cook pancakes, with almond flour, which was a disaster. The pancakes did not have the right consistency, so I will need to come up with my own recipe going forward, and I will make sure I will post it on ketOntrack soon.

So far so good. I am now continuing with week 3, focusing on continuing on the path per plan, but also now focusing. Stay tuned for next week’s Post.


Cee Kay.

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  1. That is a phenomenal description of what it feels like starting to change a habit. I compare it to my experience when I stopped smoking. It seems that the 6 weeks to profoundly change a habit, but it looks like you managing much quicker!

  2. Great progress and thanks for the details. It is very useful insights for everyone starting the nutritional journey!

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