Cee Kay´s fourth week with KetOntrack


starting week 4 with a half day spa break at the sauna has been a challenge. I think I suffered some digestive infection, which popped up when I was at the local sauna. This caused quite a rough start into the week, where I was struggling to keep up the daily routine in the designated schedule, which I was very proud of to have achieved in week 2 and 3. As a result, my body refused to have three meals a day and wasn´t up to consuming vegetables and salad in around two and a half days. (Still, the first day of week 4 I did have omelet and salad as the first meal.) This was ruining the training schedule at the start of the week and I needed to treat myself with some fennel tea and honey, to get over it. However, I maintained the 16/8 fasting schedule and of course lost some weight on top, which isn´t necessarily good. I was able to manage to be feeling ok again on day 3 of week 4 and was eager to get back on track with KetOntrack.

The rest of the week turned out to be as good as previous weeks again, so I am really happy it worked out well. Even though I had some drawbacks on my envisaged training schedule, I picked it up again from day 4. I had every day my morning routine hydration with salted lemon water, drank a lot and had from midst-week a salad every day. I was as well having fish regularly and once offal.

I felt energized midst-week, regaining confidence to continue with the program and was focusing more on quality sleep and resting, using my new fitness device.

I increased activities, such as walking, easy work out, light yoga, within a daily routine, which I will build a foundation on going forward.

My three key takeaways in week 4:

1. Salad without carbs as the first meal of the day, has helped me accomplishing the KetOntrack nutritional guidelines. Paired with nutritional yeast, sesame seeds and linseed, I´m feeling I have the right micro nutritional input for the day.

2. With provided consultancy of my personal KetOntrack advisor Panagiotis, recording and measuring my food intake and fitness activities on a daily basis, is now a habit, which I can use as a foundation going forward.

3. I´m now 8 Kilo´s down, compared to when I started with KetOntrack, whereby the weight loss is not the biggest focus, but a side effect of the activities I´m following as per plan.

I will post a recipe for a healthy salad, Asian style, which can be varied modularly on a daily basis, in order to give some advice and idea´s maintaining a diverting and balanced diet.

Week 5 now will focus on reaching light ketosis as well as being in-depth focused on my training as well as food intake, initiating to start strengthening physique and routine lifestyle change, preparing towards achieving end of week 6 completion of the initial KetOntrack program.

I´m rewarding myself once more with a sauna visit starting week 5 and am certain that this will help me strengthening my immune system for the coming winter as well as increasing my overall fitness level.


Cee Kay.

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