Cee Kay´s first week with KetOntrack


Wanting to generally achieve a good fitness level, given increasing age in my forties, I thought with the great concept of KetOntrack, I give it a shot. Of course, losing weight is one of the key benefits, but the overall concept to change lifestyle on the long run, was the bigger argument for me.

I got well prepared with the information available on ketontrack.com and as well some personal input and coaching from Panagiotis. So, in Week 0, I read many posts from ketontrack.com and as well external references content. Of course, I was interested in additional insights, which I searched for, but I come to that later.

I moved to 16/8 interval fasting quite easily. The first two – three days I was waiting for the 16 hours fasting cycle to complete, where my stomach would clearly indicate food is desired.

After this period, giving myself some schedule change during the morning, as well as starting with this: https://ketontrack.com/the-ketontrack-nutritional-series-salt-potassium-and-chloride/ the interval fasting was established (I was hydrating myself otherwise with only tap water). Sticking to three meals a day within the 8 hours eating period turned out to be easy and as a matter of fact, I`d probably be better off in week 2, to go with two proper meals only.

My three positive takeaways so far are:

1. Checking nutritious information on what I consume has now become important, and is even fun when creating meals with less carbs and proper nutritious balance, by amending recipes I like.

2. Eating less carbs and first of all sugar has made me more relaxed. I was expecting the opposite actually, but it has had a very positive effect.

3. Slowly increasing work-out became a supporting factor and helps in my morning routine. Contributing to loosing 3 kilos in this week as well.

What definitely helps, is to stick to writing a diary on a daily basis, so it can be assessed going forward and pin-point the pain-points.

As I am really into creating pastries and cakes, I set myself now a challenge to amend recipes to a low carb variant. I have been researching a lot on related sites, and I am confident that it will be doable and even fun. I am planning to post my famous Aussie Style Banana bread recipe, with respecting the dietary restrictions. Watch out for news on this one.

So far so good. I am now continuing with week 2, pushing the boundaries as per plan. Stay tuned for next week’s Post.
Cee Kay.

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