Cee Kay´s fifth week with KetOntrack

Last week was really perfect. This time the half day spa break at the sauna has been energizing me nicely. From nutritious perspective I stayed OnTrack with the plan and was eating except for one day, every first meal a big salad, lots of fish, once liver and for the rest of all meals, quite balanced and healthy. I´m trying a lot of variations of my salad recipe, to keep it diversified.

Week 5 was
all about inheriting the knowledge from the previous weeks and fulfilling the
plan as per goal to reach ketosis in week 6. I´m following the micro nutrition
needed to keep me healthy and at the same time, check on carbs and balanced
meals in general, so I complement my food intake to perfection. I think I
actually was already in a light ketosis most of the days, but that’s yet to be
proven with some measurement. I managed to push out the 16/8 schedule on many
days more to a 18/6 schedule and one two days was fine with two meals instead
of the envisaged three, without a problem.

I noticed
some nice effects, that with the energized level I have reached, my physical
awareness is increased. I wrote about it in the previous weeks that taste is
significantly improved, this now seems to expand to the body overall, where I
observed that I´m glowing. Maybe a bad description but with the right meaning,
resulting good days with the right and measured nutritional balance, work out
and activities, I´m feeling really comfortably fresh and energized.

My three-key
takeaway’s in week 5:

1. Balanced
meals can be tasty. I have created a roasted veggie recipe with grass fed beef
steak, which is really giving me the right nutritional balance, and it is super
tasty as well. As soon as time allows, I will post this recipe.

2. Physical
awareness of my body and mind is increased. Watch out for a post on a similar
subject this week on autogenic training and mind – body balance.

3. I now lost in total 10 Kilo´s, with visible effects on belly and wardrobe. I need to buy new clothes soon I believe. 🙂

Week 6
focus is on getting into ketosis continuing training as well as balanced meal
intake. I´m now, on top of all the previous weeks learnings, trying to improve
sleep length and quality for a start. It will be a challenge, but it is
important to go beyond the week 6 completion of the initial KetOntrack program.

visit´s I´m now regularly planning on a weekly basis and I´m confident that
this will ensure a healthy winter for me.


Cee Kay.