Two benefits of exercise and why you should care

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2 Benefits of exercise and why you should care We all know exercise is healthy and there is a ton of benefits which are listed on countless sites. However there are still a lot of people that find it diffiuclt if not impossible to make exercise a habit. I get it. Exercise is an uphill […]

Keep moving for life

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Keep moving! Human bodies aren’t meant to sit all day. They are meant to walk, run, lift, carry, even swim. These days most of us are not moving enough, and I pretty sure you are aware of the difference being locked down has made. And even if there was no lockdown there are those of […]

Expert series – Sleep & My first prolonged fast

After finishing my practitioner series, I started with the expert series. Towards the end of the practitioner series I already noticed a decline in sleep quality, also according to the statistics of my ring. Little did I know that it would even get worse. On the other hand, I had a great experience doing my […]

The first ketOntrack meetup became a reality

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This week was an important milestone for ketOntrack, with the first ketOntrack meetup taking place and I would like to just briefly discuss about it for the benefit of those who could not make it. But first of all I would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone for you for the continuing support […]

Cee Kay´s tenth week with KetOntrack

Looking into the new year’s resolution, I had been curious to see how I can kick start my metabolism again. Whilst I have been experimenting with MCT oil and did explore biohacking with it, as mentioned here, I have decided as part of the new year’s resolution to do a wet fast of at least […]

Life Optimization and BioHacking

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology.


carnivore vs vegan

There seems to be war going-on! Pieces of meat and fruit are flying around! Keep your heads low! Carnivore vs Vegan. So confusing. What is really healthier? Is there one definite answer?

The carnivore diet

These days there is a lot of interest in the benefits of following the so called carnivore diet, which is mainly a meat only diet. Having grown-up with a Mediterranean diet and always having a “balance” between days where meat was served and days where we mostly eat vegetable and legumes I find this type of diet very intriguing. What would the benefits be to only eat meat?

Welcome to KetOntrack

Welcome ketontrack imagr

This being the first official post, I would like to welcome you to KetOntrack. It is still early days but we have been working hard to get this off the ground and you will soon be able to get all content you ever needed to transform your lifes.