The first ketOntrack meetup became a reality

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This week was an important milestone for ketOntrack, with the first ketOntrack meetup taking place and I would like to just briefly discuss about it for the benefit of those who could not make it. But first of all I would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone for you for the continuing support …

Cee Kay´s tenth week with KetOntrack

Looking into the new year’s resolution, I had been curious to see how I can kick start my metabolism again. Whilst I have been experimenting with MCT oil and did explore biohacking with it, as mentioned here, I have decided as part of the new year’s resolution to do a wet fast of at least …

Calories in and calories out

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Someone recently raised the holy grail question to me. “How can you talk about weight loss in keto without tracking calories in vs. calories out?” A very interesting topic which usually comes with two more topics, which we also need to address to get a full understanding of our physiology. I need to have frequent …

The carnivore diet

These days there is a lot of interest in the benefits of following the so called carnivore diet, which is mainly a meat only diet. Having grown-up with a Mediterranean diet and always having a “balance” between days where meat was served and days where we mostly eat vegetable and legumes I find this type of diet very intriguing. What would the benefits be to only eat meat?