Why early birds are much happier and healthier

Sunrise_Waking early

Ben Franklin’s popular quote goes “Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  Once you do the early morning switch, you will realize a surge in positivity, health and lifestyle transformation. If you are not a natural morning person, this might not be your first impression. Have you wondered […]

Importance of Resting Heart Rate

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Your RHR is how fast your heart beats when you are relaxed. RHR is both a gauge of your heart health and a biomarker of aging. How can you lower your resting heart rate to live longer and reduce your risk of serious diseases? Let’s dive into this. RHR changes as you age and varies […]

Understanding sleep stages

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If you just started using a sleep tracking device you are probably looking to understand the details of your sleep graph. Each sleep stage has different characteristics but all are essential for a good night sleep. Types of sleep There are two types of sleep Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep Non-REM sleep, which has four […]

Sleep and your circadian rythm

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You have probably heard many times about the need to tune-in with your circadian rythm. For many people this may seems exotic and theoretical. But it far from that! Every living being has it’s own circadian rythm based upon our body performs its daily functions with a specific, choreographed routine – our circadian rhythm. Circadian […]

The connection between sleep and weight loss

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It’s no secret that a poor night’s sleep leaves you feeling less than ideal the next day. It’s when we sleep that our bodies repair and rejuvenate. Even short term sleep deprivation can have serious side effects. But if you have ever spent the night watching the minutes pass-by then you know that inadequate sleep […]

Steam your stress off

I am slowly starting to believe that the holy grail of health is stress management and the balance of it. So many of us are living very stressful lifes.