Spinach-mushroom “Frikase”

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Hello everyone. This is a recipe i really like, especially when i am fed up with meat. Still for the meat lovers it can be done with beef or pork but that’s another recipe. Ingredients 500 gr Mushrooms(a variety of them) 500 gr Spinach 1 small red onion 2 spring onions 2 garlic cloves 1 […]

Radish Salad with a twist!

Continuing on Season Specials, KetOntrack kitchen present an easy Spanish Salad Recipe using Radishes instead of Potato. It’s very refreshing, light on calories – high on vitamins and just perfect for a hot sunny day. Here’s how I prepared it. It is good for 2 Servings. You need the following ingredients- usually available at home […]

Reduced beef stock

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As my batch of beef broth was gone, decided to make a big batch of beef stock. I thought I would take some pictures along the way and share in this post. Although it’s not much effort, it takes a lot of cooking time and quite some dishwashing is needed during and after preparing. I’ve […]

Easy omelet, bacon & guacamole style herb salad

Just a different and easy way of having your eggs to after your fast ends. This way is with having a guacamole style avocado-herbs salad and some bacon as well. The amount of (healthy) fat as well as the kCal are considerable, you should keep this in mind as you most likely have more meals […]

Celeriac / green curry soup with Salmon

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This soup I created from left over vegetables and beef broth which I always keep in the freezer. In order to give it a bit different flavour I decided to add some dried Thai Green Curry spices (which contains lemongrass, corianderseed, garlic, kuminseed, paprika, chili, cayenne, onion, laos, parsley, green pepper, corianderleaves and turmeric). Of […]

Falafel wrap

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Falafel is a great delicious option when you want to have some more carbs in your meal but still want to get them from a good nutritional source. Falafel is based on chickpeas which is a legume low in the glycemic index and glycemic load. It has a good amino-acid profile and a lot of […]