Getting all the nutrients you need

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From a longevity stand point we want to get as many nutrients from a little calories. Combining this with intermittent fasting is very beneficial but can make it somewhat difficult to get everything you need in your eating window. Nutrient deficiencies are quite usual and affect millions of people even when eating a healthy diet, […]

Folate – Vitamin B9

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Folate (or B9) is a key nutrient for many critical functions. Folate plays in many of our emotions. We sometimes feel angry, depressed, anxious or at times we have trouble concentrating or sleeping or feeling weak and tired. All this can be depend on folate. Folate and Methylation Folate supports a system known as methylation, […]

Season’s Pick – Radish, the nutrient-rich veggie !

Spring is in full bloom and so are Red Radishes in the farms !!! Ever thought this tiny spring summer vegetable could offer a bundle of health benefits? What is double exciting is the fact that Radishes are quickly becoming the Keto’s substitute of a Potato. So lets deep dive into its rich nutritional benefits. […]

How much red meat should you eat?

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Many people seem concerned about having as the main source of their protein red meat, since it has been linked with cancer and higher levels of cholesterol. Since recently the question of how often one should eat red meat is popping-up a lot, I think it is important to try and shed light on the […]

The energy nutrient – Magnesium

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Magnesium is probably the nutrient that is being supplemented the most nowdays. Why is that? Because magnesium is involved in everything!!! Let’s dive into the energy nutrient, mangnesium. What does magnesium do? It let’s use the energy required for every process in our body. It is used for the production of every single protein. It […]

Get rid of winter colds – Vitamin C

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Winter has come….and everyone seems to be fighting-off some sort of virus or flu! Bacteria, infections, coughing, flu’s and colds all require a strong immune system. Let’s look into how to build up our immune firewalls! The foundation of the immune system is Vitmin-A, Vitamin-C , Vitamin-D and Zinc. We have already discussed Vitamin A […]

The Ketontrack Nutritional Series – Salt, Potassium and Chloride

salt and lemon

Today we will discuss about three of the key minerals which are salt, chloride and potassium since they are very closely related to one another. Minerals that dissolve in water are called Electrolytes, and these three are the most important ones. What do these minerals do? They help each other keep the balance. Salt and […]

The Ketontrack Nutritional Series – The Worker Pantothenic Acid (B5)

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Today we will discuss B5 or pantothenic acid, an essential nutrient and a water-soluble B vitamin. When we break down food for energy, we break the food molecules into pieces and extract the energy from them. Pantothenic acid is what helps break apart the pieces.  Thiamin, Niacin, and Riboflavin extract the energy. Let’s look at […]

The Ketontrack Nutritional Series – The Magical Niacin (B3)

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin an essential vitamin for a healthy mind, gut and skin. Niacin is one of the four water-soluble B vitamins and is probablz the most foundational B vitamin in all of energy metabolism. Let’s look at the Magical Niacin!

The Ketontrack Nutritional Series – The Fat Burning Riboflavin (B2)

Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin and similarly to B1 it’s main role is to help extract energy from the food we eat. However opposite to B1, B2 specializes in burning fat since burning fat requires almost twice as much riboflavin as burning carbs. Let’s learn about the fat-burning Riboflavin !