The Biohacking Series

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The Biohacking Series Connecting with the Elements of Nature   Re-connecting with nature is the best biohack you can do for your health and Longevity Most of us live very busy lifes. Chasing our carrier, success or our kids! The pace of life is such that we have forgotten taking care of ourselves. We have […]

MCT Oil as a catalyst to get back ontrack into ketosis

I have been reading a lot about ketosis and how to maintain a good metabolism, especially since intermittent / interval fasting could lead to an adapted fasting mode of my metabolism I stumbled across MCT oil, my first bio-hacking experience (ok besides starting the KetOntrack program in the first place). Some facts MCT Oil is […]

Calories in and calories out

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Someone recently raised the holy grail question to me. “How can you talk about weight loss in keto without tracking calories in vs. calories out?” A very interesting topic which usually comes with two more topics, which we also need to address to get a full understanding of our physiology. I need to have frequent […]

Life Optimization and BioHacking

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology.