Getting all the nutrients you need

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From a longevity stand point we want to get as many nutrients from a little calories. Combining this with intermittent fasting is very beneficial but can make it somewhat difficult to get everything you need in your eating window. Nutrient deficiencies are quite usual and affect millions of people even when eating a healthy diet, […]

Folate – Vitamin B9

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Folate (or B9) is a key nutrient for many critical functions. Folate plays in many of our emotions. We sometimes feel angry, depressed, anxious or at times we have trouble concentrating or sleeping or feeling weak and tired. All this can be depend on folate. Folate and Methylation Folate supports a system known as methylation, […]

Prolonged fasting

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A prolonged fasting has amazing benefits and everyone should be trying a 2-3 day fast on a regular basis. This might sound like an impossible mission to many but your body will thank you after it. Let’s see why! Intermittent fasting for 16-20 hours is great daily practise, but going deeper into a fasted state […]

Season’s Pick – Radish, the nutrient-rich veggie !

Spring is in full bloom and so are Red Radishes in the farms !!! Ever thought this tiny spring summer vegetable could offer a bundle of health benefits? What is double exciting is the fact that Radishes are quickly becoming the Keto’s substitute of a Potato. So lets deep dive into its rich nutritional benefits. […]

Home-made Mayonnaise Recipe

A quick and easy 2 minute Mayonnaise recipe.. Lets get going !!!! Ingredients 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp kosher/rock salt (or 1/2 tsp table salt) 1 whole egg / Egg Yolk as you prefer 1 cup (125ml) light olive oil seasonings like black pepper Blender Preparation Take a blender jar. Start with a […]

Radish Salad with a twist!

Continuing on Season Specials, KetOntrack kitchen present an easy Spanish Salad Recipe using Radishes instead of Potato. It’s very refreshing, light on calories – high on vitamins and just perfect for a hot sunny day. Here’s how I prepared it. It is good for 2 Servings. You need the following ingredients- usually available at home […]

Satiety & hunger effects of a ketogenic lifestyle

A typical weight loss diet can leave us with a constant sense of hunger since the day to day restrain of food, impacts us both psychological and physiologically. Experience and research show that a ketogenic diet does not seem to follow this paradigm. Most of the ketOntrack participants as well as people from numerous studies, […]

Reduced beef stock

As my batch of beef broth was gone, decided to make a big batch of beef stock. I thought I would take some pictures along the way and share in this post. Although it’s not much effort, it takes a lot of cooking time and quite some dishwashing is needed during and after preparing. I’ve […]

Easy omelet, bacon & guacamole style herb salad

Just a different and easy way of having your eggs to after your fast ends. This way is with having a guacamole style avocado-herbs salad and some bacon as well. The amount of (healthy) fat as well as the kCal are considerable, you should keep this in mind as you most likely have more meals […]