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An online session to discuss about nutrition, sleep, health and any issues you may face. You will get guided feedback and actions.

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  1.  When you purchase the session you will receive an email which will guide you through the next steps. 
  2. You will also need to provide as much information about yourself and what you want to address so we have a successful session.
  3. The session will be held in a private, quiet environment to allow you to discuss what is important for you!
  4. As an outcome of the session you will received personalised advice that you can immediately apply.


Having someone next to you is important. ketOntrack 

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it's all about trust

Finding someone you can trust and rely on, to transform your health, open-up and share personal issues is not easy.
I acknowledge that.

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About Panagiotis

I am a certified nutritional coach.

I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet around 10 years ago, after some years of not really taking care of myself. I started noticing changes in body. I had put on kilos even though my diet had not changed much. I was finding I had increasingly more energy crashes, less and less energy and had difficulties to keep focused. 

Through my own journey I have come to realise how important our daily habits are for health. But also how important our health is for productivity, work-life balance and achieving everything we aspire for. 

I strongly believe in personal engagement with all my clients throughout their life transforming journey to gain the experience, knowledge, and beliefs needed. I believe having more energy and feeling better are the keys to allow us to go after our goals.

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