Sleep is critical for our health so we are delighted to be collaborating with BLublox to offer you the best product to protect yourselves from the harmful effects of blue light! 

Top performers globally only ever opt for BLUblox as they know they are the best blue light blocking glasses money can buy. 

BLUblox lenses are made under highly quality controlled lab conditions in Australia and are easily the best blue light glasses and best computer glasses, designed with a fashionable frames. 

How does it work

BLUblox has designed 3 lenses based around the available science,  which block only the damaging wavelengths of blue and green light and allows beneficial light through. BLUblox’s technology is custom made, targeting the exact frequencies of light the academic literature states we should filter.

They use only the most on trend and fashionable frames for our lenses. No ugly safety glasses can be found here. The glasses are premium in terms of quality and effectiveness as they do not settle for cheap knock offs that can damage your health and waste your money.


Sleep+ – Red lens that aligns with the peer reviewed academic literature and blocks 100% of blue and green light from 400nm to 550nm to optimise melatonin production for the best possible sleep. Designed to be worn 2-3 hours before bed. Expect great results after just one evening’s use.

SummerGlo – Yellow tinted glasses are for daytime use for people with light sensitivity. They block out cortisol raising blue light between 400nm to 450nm whilst leaving beneficial blue light in to maintain alertness and mental cognition. Managing blue light during the day may regulate your hormones and the infused yellow colour therapy will provide a mood boost if you’re feeling low.

BluLite – Clear computer glasses filter down blue light across the 400nm to 495nm range. By wearing these lenses whilst working on your computer you will experience less digital eyestrain, dry eyes and headaches.


And there is more!

With Blublox you can enjoy a series of great products to help your sleep and overall health.

Red Light Therapy Devices

Zero flicker, low EMF and zero blue light bulb for evening use

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