carnivore vs vegan


There seems to be war going-on! Pieces of meat and fruit are flying around! Keep your heads low! Carnivore vs Vegan. So confusing. What is really healthier? Is there one definite answer?

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My yearly “lent”

Hi! My name is Martin. I typically use the yearly „lent“ period of 45 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter to perform a diet. This is not for religious reasons but since in boxing I would fall under the heavy weights, my key target during the lent is to lose weight. This year, also inspired by Panagiotis and his insights into fasting, I set the following principles.

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The benefits of a balanced diet

Today i will be sharing a personal story and some of my learnings from it.
I have been doing a low carb diet for a few years now with great results. Lost excess weight and went down to around 8% fat, a percentage easily kept all around the year. More importantly I have eliminated energy crashes, and have increased my energy levels throughout the day and hugely improved my sleep.

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How often should you eat?

How often should you eat during the day? Should we eat 5-6 small meals spread during the day or have 1-2 bigger meals in shorter time window? Here are 3 areas to consider from a longevity stand point.

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The carnivore diet

These days there is a lot of interest in the benefits of following the so called carnivore diet, which is mainly a meat only diet. Having grown-up with a Mediterranean diet and always having a “balance” between days where meat was served and days where we mostly eat vegetable and legumes I find this type of diet very intriguing. What would the benefits be to only eat meat?

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Fasting is key to unlock your health

I am now on day 1 of my third fast. Intention this time around is to do a 3-day fast since it fits with family travelling plans which actually makes it easier from my perspective. What?? Total absense of food for 3-days? Yes, and we should all incoporate it for 1-2 times a year. Let’s look into a long list of benefits when fasting.

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Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

Most of us have felt that losing weight is a struggle and something that cannot be sustained since it is always an uphill battle.
Today we will discuss the 5 main reasons why this is the case and how Ketontrack can help you in making this an enjoyable journey not only to lose weight but to reach overall health.

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Is a healthy meal boring and bland?

Many of the people I discuss with ask me how I don’t get bored by having removed so many of the food choices from diet. And my answer is that this diet has not limited me in any way, is delicious and is actually opening new paths to my tastebuds. Let’s see why.

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