So you are comfortable with intermittent fasting and following a schedule similar to 16/8. This is now part of your life and you are enjoying benefits. Fat loss, more energy, mind clarity and less cravings. Congratulations, this is a great achievement!

Incorporating a schedule like 16/8 will greatly help weight loss and improve every day quality but extending the fasting window ever so slightly is where some of the potent health benefits real come from.

Let’s recap what can be reasonably achieved by a 16 hour fast.

In addition there is no down-side to it apart from social reasons. But once you are used to intermittent fasting having once in a while breakfast with friends or a late dinner is quite ok.

A 16/8 window is “easy” to apply with little amount of effort and there is no muscle loss. Read here on how to get started.

Going beyond a 16-hour Fast

Doing a 16-hour fast is already quite phenomenal, but are there reasons to push further and consider shortening your feeding window even more? Let’s look into some of the reasons closer.

Fasting and Feasting is a normal cycle of life. Although this way of eating is not promoted by the current society lifestyle it has been practised by many cultures for thousands of years. Our bodies need nutrition to grow a change but equally time to rest and digest. So once we feast with a big nutritius meal full digestion can take up to 8 hours. If we eat 5-6 meals a day then we never give ourself a chance to rest.

From a science perspective we are balancing between an anabolic state where we are growing and building tissue and a catabolic state where we are resting, recycling and cleaning up. Very few of us clean up our closet and our closet is now full of trash. This is not healthy and potentially a cause for decease. Instead of doing pro-longed fasts of 3+ days which require a lot of effort and attention we can achieve similar effects by shortening our daily eating window. This allows to:

Of course you need to be careful about:

How to extend your fasting window

Key Takeaways

There are great health benefits from extending your fasting window past 16-hours. Give it a try but take it slowly and only to your limit.

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