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About the course

Why should I purchase this course?

  • This course can serve as a starting point to your fitness journey, as an add-on to your current fitness regime, or you might use it to complement your existing lifestyle habits. 
  • Because physical activity affects system in the body, from our immune to reproduction. With the course you will how to be build your fitness for lifetime with simple steps and a guided program that contains everything you need.
  • We have put together this course since we believe that everyone needs some guidance to start in the right way. You will not lose time or waste effort and increase risk of injury.

Exercise for life

  • We have a “drug” that is very effective at delaying the onset of death and preserving health span. This drug is called exercise, and nothing else rivals it.
  • Fitness though does not mean huffing and puffing or lifting weight which only increases your risk of serious injury. Any fitness journey needs to be approached with the mindset of longevity and health. That is why we consider Breathing, Balance and Movement the basis.
  • This may be a totally different approach to starting a fitness program, than you expect or have previously experienced. Join in with an open mind and a hunger to learn new and exciting things!


A unique experience

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4 Weeks



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The course includes

Online course

The course consists of 4 lessons and will guide you with content and daily practises. You can run the course at your own pace.

Monthly QA Sessions

Upon the course purchase you will be enrolled to the monthly QA session to discussion everything about fitness and not only

Consultation session

At the end of the course you will have the option for a discounted consultation with Panagiotis to guide you through your next steps and clarify any questions you may have.

During the programme you will

The Coaches


Panagiotis, the founder of ketOntrack, a certified nutrition coach and PGET+ trainer is passionate about health and helping people around the world to get back on track.

“I am personally engaged with all of my clients throughout their journey to gain the experience, knowledge, and belief to support their life-transforming habits”.

As a coach, I believe having more energy and feeling better are key for going after your goals. To achieve this, I take a holistic approach to health based on 5 pillars, nutrition, fasting, fitness, sleep and biohacking, and always in a step-by-step approach.

This holistic approach is for everyone – Everyone who had dieted in the past but failed to reach their goals. For those who have issues like insulin resistance, fatigue, or sleep issues. For those who want to learn about the benefits of a lifestyle based on a nutritional low-carb diet and fasting or want to learn how to bio-hack their performance and live a healthier life.”

Gray (collaborator)

“If you’re like me then you love nothing better than to get outside when you can and explore. I find that if I need a bit of a motivational boost – to get that feeling of true contentment, then to be outdoors running, walking, playing is where I need to be.

I believe that health and vitality is optimised by efficient breathing, a focused mind, and body awareness. This allows you to tap into your natural, intuitive flow of breath, energy, and movement.”

With over 10-years experience leading adventure holidays and retreats in health and fitness, Gray is a personal trainer, running coach, and breath-worker with a master certification in the Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods. He is also a teacher of Qigong, training with Lee Holden and enjoying the mentorship of Dr Larry Cammarata.

Gray is the founder and director of Adventures In Movement & Breath.

The course breakdown



Lesson 3 - BALANCE




Going through many years of malnutrition, Panagiotis’ help was important. I felt tremendous change in my physical condition and energy levels. I have a striking amount of energy. With KetOntrack I realized  the importance to change attitude, that you can live  without sugar and to pay attention to the quality of food. I now feel no hunger, I can move better and feel very lighter.  I also find all the new learnings very interesting and enjoyable! I now can listen to my body and have awareness what it really needs.  Thank you Panagioti and ketOntrack.



These classes make it easy for people to begin to move again and there is something for all levels especially with fun challenges involved.


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