Nutrition meets Fitness

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if being sleepy after a meal is a normal reaction of the body? Should we feel energetic after a meal with our body and cells having all the fule they need? In the same token do we really need a coffee first thing when we wake-up? Our body has […]

Recover and avoid injuries

Waking up the morning after an intense workout is for some a sign of a good session. You put enough work which is required to build yourself stronger, leaner and fitter. However, there is a big distinction between a few aches and pains and actual injury, the latter of which should be avoided at all […]

Getting all the nutrients you need

From a longevity stand point we want to get as many nutrients from a little calories. Combining this with intermittent fasting is very beneficial but can make it somewhat difficult to get everything you need in your eating window. Nutrient deficiencies are quite usual and affect millions of people even when eating a healthy diet, […]

Prolonged fasting

A prolonged fasting has amazing benefits and everyone should be trying a 2-3 day fast on a regular basis. This might sound like an impossible mission to many but your body will thank you after it. Let’s see why! Intermittent fasting for 16-20 hours is great daily practise, but going deeper into a fasted state […]

Understanding ketosis


You might have heard many people talk about the keto diet and that it is a high-fat diet. But what does all this really mean? Why is this important and how does our body react to a high-fat diet? Let us drill into the world of ketones! The car fuel tank comparison A car needs […]

Importance of Resting Heart Rate

Your RHR is how fast your heart beats when you are relaxed. RHR is both a gauge of your heart health and a biomarker of aging. How can you lower your resting heart rate to live longer and reduce your risk of serious diseases? Let’s dive into this. RHR changes as you age and varies […]

Understanding sleep stages

If you just started using a sleep tracking device you are probably looking to understand the details of your sleep graph. Each sleep stage has different characteristics but all are essential for a good night sleep. Types of sleep There are two types of sleep Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep Non-REM sleep, which has four […]

Sleep and your circadian rythm

You have probably heard many times about the need to tune-in with your circadian rythm. For many people this may seems exotic and theoretical. But it far from that! Every living being has it’s own circadian rythm based upon our body performs its daily functions with a specific, choreographed routine – our circadian rhythm. Circadian […]

How much red meat should you eat?

Many people seem concerned about having as the main source of their protein red meat, since it has been linked with cancer and higher levels of cholesterol. Since recently the question of how often one should eat red meat is popping-up a lot, I think it is important to try and shed light on the […]

The first ketOntrack meetup became a reality

This week was an important milestone for ketOntrack, with the first ketOntrack meetup taking place and I would like to just briefly discuss about it for the benefit of those who could not make it. But first of all I would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone for you for the continuing support […]