Satiety & hunger effects of a ketogenic lifestyle

A typical weight loss diet can leave us with a constant sense of hunger since the day to day restrain of food, impacts us both psychological and physiologically. Experience and research show that a ketogenic diet does not seem to follow this paradigm. Most of the ketOntrack participants as well as people from numerous studies, felt less hungry living the keto lifestyle.

So why is the ketogenic diet so efficient in better satiety and reducing hunger?

There are several effects that are playing a vital role here:

  • Protein and Fat intake are important factors of keeping a balanced diet, resulting in the production of ketones. Proteins are satiating macronutrients that can be consumed in higher amounts in a ketogenic diet. Fat especially including a good source of fatty acids, can be a good source of fat-soluble vitamins and micro nutrients enabling the necessary nutrient dense diet that supports long term satiety.
  • Reduction of carbs and processed foods can help with longer windows between meals, so feeling hungry later. Soda’s, high fructose foods and fruits, as well as refined carbs, are causing an energy dis-balance, where the metabolism adapts to the short-term energy boosts provided, resulting in a higher threshold to reach satiety. This results in a quicker demand by the metabolism for more energy, hence hunger is signalled.
  • Ketones that are produced and converted by the metabolism from fatty acids. Once that a ketogenic lifestyle is established or achieved, ketones are an energy source that can reduce hunger, as the ketones itself are fueling the body in absence of glucose available to be burnt.
  • Low energy diets can cause satiety due to reduced hunger. Such diets are adapted to the BMI and check to not go beyond the daily maximum of calories to be consumed. Many of such diets are of ketogenic nature. You do not necessarily need to count calories, when you eat only until you are full / satisfied and satiety is achieved. However, supporting the habitual change to interpret the right level of satiety, starting into a ketogenic lifestyle, we advice counting calories for the start.
  • Hormones are having an effect as well, as a result, the more balanced and nutrient dense a ketogenic diet is, the better our body signals satiety after eating. Read more. The hormom Ghrelin is produced in the GI tract, it is the hormone that stimulates appetite, causing you to feel hungry. The hormom Leptin is produced in the fat cells and is responsible for sending a signal to your brain that you are satiated.
  • Appetite to consume foods that you even might create cravings for, is often a result of having an unbalanced diet forcing an abstinence of certain food types. Cravings can result in hunger, or being not satiated after a meal, as something might be missing from your diet. Whilst in a ketogenic lifestyle this is definitely (refined) carbs and processed foods containing i.e. sugars, we believe that a good and balanced ketogenic diet with a nutrient dense profile, can absorb some of these cravings. As a positive side effect, we have often noticed that appetite for certain food types signal the absence of some vital macro or micro nutrients and thus creates appetite for specific foods. Over time there is a chance to listen to your body and translate the craving or the appetite into needed nutrients at that very moment. For example, somebody wanting to desperately eat Banana´s is most likely not really missing the starches included, but potassium or Vitamin B6, which Bananas are providing. As a result, it would be good to search for an alternative including these nutrients, i.e. Lemons, Meat, Fish or Nuts.

Key Takeaway

Summarizing, yes, a keto lifestyle while eating whole and fresh foods can support a better control of satiety and balance of feeling hungry. Give it a try!

Cee Kay´s tenth week with KetOntrack

Looking into the new year’s resolution, I had been curious to see how I can kick start my metabolism again. Whilst I have been experimenting with MCT oil and did explore biohacking with it, as mentioned here, I have decided as part of the new year’s resolution to do a wet fast of at least 48 hours.

Doing an extended fast

So, in week 10, I fasted for 64 hours and it was a very good experience, detoxing myself and as well re-triggering the metabolism to be in extended ketosis. After 48 hours of fast I measured blood sugar and ketone level and I was in good shape. Ketones were on a good level and I felt energized. Cravings did not really bother me, as I´m meanwhile used to 20h fasting cycles. Only when the fasting cycle was close to an end, when I was preparing a beef bone broth, cravings kicked in really bad, as I was smelling the soon to be consumed food. During the fast I drank a lot of water and I also had my morning routine lemon and salt sparkling water, to kick start my day. I have consumed just one coffee a day and all in all drank around 3-4 liters of water each day. I broke the fast with the beef bone broth, so I would slowly start to consume food again. Still my digestive system was rioting on the day I broke the fast, but it was ok again by the time I went to bed. Energy levels were remarkably good and I felt light and refreshed during and after the fast. I have continued my workout program during the fasting window and picked up and increased schedule thereafter, so I will profit from the fasting period in the best possible way.

My deep sleep patterns are continuously improving as well in week 10. But I´m still not there, so I´m working on improved sleep quality. CBD oil helps in that, taking it before going to bed as well as supplements for magnesium, potassium and calcium, which is supporting my nights regeneration and generally quality of sleep. As a positive side effect of CBD oil, I noticed that it was removing blockages in my body, that physiotherapy wasn´t able to tackle. Now if this is a result from better sleep quality or the CBD oil itself is hard to distinguish.

My three key takeaways in week 10:

  1. Fasting for an extended period is great and when already experienced in IF, quite easy to approach.
  2. Extended fast detoxes and can be a way to re-trigger ketosis and weight loss when having reached a flat table.
  3. CBD oil and or increased sleep quality can help remove blockades in the muscles and junctions.

In Week 11, I will focus mainly on fitness and creating new recipes, trying to establish a continuous good metabolism and having some variance in my diet.

Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s eighth and ninth week with KetOntrack

Being nutritionally completely on the keto
path, I survived x-mas and new years with just a 1.5 kilo weight gain and two
cheat days. I´m proud that with this I can go back on track in no time. I am
now on a regular 5 days a week 16/8 and two days a week 20/4 intermittent fasting
schedule. Whereby I eat 2-3 meals on 16/8 days and max 2 meals on 20/4 days.
This all works out fine for me.

I´ve got the results of my blood tests and
they were, as expected, very good. My doc was asking me, why I was testing the
blood in the first place, as it was super great results. This is very good news
and underlines the health benefits achieved through KetOntrack.

Whilst week 7 was initiating a deeper focus
on sleep patterns, I have been struggling to achieve a deeper sleep. I needed
to figure out that my sleep tracker wasn´t giving good results, but with some
configuration tweaks, it is now much more accurate. Having less screen time is
a bit of a challenge, but I was able to cut down the screen time by 1-2 hours,
before going to sleep. My target of 50% deep sleep time is still far away, but
I´m now on 30% increased deep sleep patterns, which is a big improvement
already. I am more often getting 7-8 hours of sleep. I´m working on
continuously increasing sleep quality and for now it works ok. I have also
found that taking CBD oil before going to bed and additional supplements like
magnesium and calcium, is supporting my nights regeneration and generally
quality of sleep. Now CBD oil deserves an article of it´s own, but in short:
It´s cannabinidol, the soothing and pain killing component of hemp, which is
not just a pain killer as it is as well supporting a balanced immune system, and
here helps to improve sleeping patterns.

I am close to complete my physiotherapy, and
am consistently picking up on activities, as blockades and pain is fading out
and my body feels strengthened. I found a nice program online for improving the
body balance and I will be trying a 30-day program to see if it works. I´ll
post on my experience on this one.

My three key takeaways in week 8&9:

  1. Sleep patterns need much more time to adapt, compared to the nutritional habit changes.
  2. Fixing your sleep tracker, helps in getting correct results 😉
  3. Some supplements enable better sleep quality.

In Week 10 I will focus on fitness and
relaxation, but most important on the new year’s resolution, where I want to
fast at least 48 hours, for detoxing and continuation of my keto diet, after
the holiday season is over. I´m now going twice a week to the sauna, which
really helps establishing a good biorhythm. Other than that, I am eager to pick
up on fitness again and strengthen my body balance.


Cee Kay.

MCT Oil as a catalyst to get back ontrack into ketosis

I have been reading a lot about ketosis and how to maintain a good metabolism, especially since intermittent / interval fasting could lead to an adapted fasting mode of my metabolism I stumbled across MCT oil, my first bio-hacking experience (ok besides starting the KetOntrack program in the first place).

Some facts

  • MCT Oil is an abbreviation of medium-chain triglyceride oil, which contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their short atomic carbon length, MCTs are easier digested and processed by your body.
  • MCT oil can be extracted from coconut oil as well as palm oil.

MCT oil benefits

You can use MCT oil as a supplement to add to your salad & dressing or to your smoothie as well as the “famous” bulletproof coffee. I personally tried bulletproof coffee, and I must say it really works great for me, but more to that later.

a) It supports weight loss by

  • increasing the release peptide YY and leptin hormones that promote the feeling of food saturation in the body.
  • having about 10% fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which are found in foods such as nuts, avocados and olive oil.
  • being used as an instant boost of energy, as it follows a different metabolic pathway.
  • being converted into ketones, when you are in ketosis. If you’re following a ketogenic diet, taking MCT oil can be a catalyst in staying in ketosis.
  • supporting your gut environment, which is very important when it comes to your weight. MCT oil can support a good natural balance of your gut environment.

b) It provides an energy boost that can fuel your brain

  • MCT oil has been identified as a great fuel to your metabolism, since your body absorbs MCTs more rapidly than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which contain more carbons atoms in their fatty acid chains.
  • They re processed directly from the liver and are independent of the bile broken down compared to longer-chain fats.
  • In the same way they can pass through your blood-brain barrier, making them a convenient source of energy for your brain cells.

c) It reduces lactate buildup when exercising

  • When exercising your lactate levels rise, which can cause sour muscles. MCTs may help reduce lactate buildup. It was discovered that athletes which supplemented about 1.5 teaspoons of MCTs with food before cycling, had lower lactate levels and found it easier to exercise.

d) It may influence cholesterol levels and heart risk

  • It was found that MCT oil has an effect on the production of heart-protective HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol and significantly reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker that increases the risk of heart disease.

How much is recommended?

  • Continuous high doses of MCT could lead to an increased the amount of fat stored in your liver. MCTs are considered safe, when taken in small doses, at around 15ml per day.

My Experience

I have tried bullet proof coffee when breaking my daily fast. I usually have a strong coffee espresso size with a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of MCT, mixed with some sugar free almond milk. This seems to boost me into ketosis with an increased metabolism, especially when risking to get into a fasting adapted metabolism, due to increased intermittent fasting intervals, where I can only have one or two meals per day.

When having consumed MCT Oil I can literally feel it, whereby my temperature rises and I have an instant boost on activity levels and my metabolism. But as stated above, I believe it shouldn´t be a day to day consumption, but more a catalyst on an occasional basis, to get you back on track. I think at the end it is always better to adapt your diet and hence daily food intake where your body has all it needs to produce ketones naturally and at the same time have a rich and balanced nutritional intake.

Key Takeaways

  • MCT oil can increase fat burning and reduce the need for carbs during exercise.
  • MCT oil can support weight loss by increasing fullness, fat loss, ketone production, good metabolic rate by burning energy as well as improving your gut environment.
  • MCT oil is easily absorbed and transported through your body. It can be an instant source of energy as well as converted into ketones to fuel your brain.
  • MCT oil should make up about 5% of your total calorie intake. When supplementing MCT oil in your diet, you should consume it as part of your total amount of fat intake.

I will provide more insights as I use MCT Oil and measure it´s impact on my diet, the daily energy and ketone levels and post additional insights as soon as obtained.

Let me know if you liked the post.

Cee Kay.

Mental Strength with Autogenic Training

A Latin saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ translating to ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’, is something that is undoubtedly important in the way that I´m approaching life, as well as the KetOntrack program.

I actually think that this translates vice versa. A healthy body helps establishing a healthy mind, where I noticed that in a lot of diets, people (including myself) are afraid of cutting sugar and carbs, whereby the effects believed to happen, are, that the mind demands sugar in order to function properly. Ok, by now I know this is big bullshit, but it is just an example of how our mind is able to control the body, as well as the body, and it´s pancreatic insulin, dictates the mind not to stop satisfying it´s demand.

Having practiced autogenic training for 33 years now, I am discovering that it can be very efficient in maintaining focus and even further, help in establishing a subconscious positive attitude, especially in enforcing an autosuggestion towards goals to be achieved, similar to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Read further: http://nlpwiki.org/wiki and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autogenic_training

Some interesting books you might want to have a look into in regards to using NLP to support your habitual change: NLP Practise & Hacking you.

I think which method is used to relax your mind and establish a certain focus around the goals we want to achieve with the KetOntrack program is less important, it can be Tai Chi, any form of meditation, potentially even praying. What I want to focus on in this article is autogenic training via fantasy travels, which has helped me in establishing a very efficient way in practicing it.

At first, I would suggest you get a fantasy travel to listen to, as it will be an easy introduction to advance in autogenic training. For example: On Spotify

To start, it is important that you really relax your body and all your muscles, you can sit on a chair, or couch, or pretty much any position that is comfortable. You can sit in the so-called tripod position, where you sit relaxed, the legs straight to the ground on your heels, the head dropped relaxed towards the chest and the hands, palm upwards, resting on the thighs, completely relaxing the arms.

is that you really relax your muscles. You can say to yourself, my left arm is
heavy, repeating three times, you will feel it is really becoming heavy as it
relaxes, continue to say it as often as you like and feel the difference of the
left arm, compared to the right arm. Once you feel it is heavier than the right
arm, continue with the right arm. Do the same for both legs and finally, say to
yourself, my whole body is heavy, until you have reached a state of full

deeply and calmly and try to think about nothing. Now knowing that it is close
to impossible to completely shut off your brain and think about literally
nothing, I have some tricks, but the fantasy travel will cover that usually.
(My approach is where I imagine that I am on a green grass open space with all
the thoughts flying around, which I lock away in a box and leave the box aside
for the moment).

I´d suggest
then to find a good fantasy travel, like the one suggested above, to continue
in this journey. This should be something you can individually relate to, and
there are loads of such fantasy travels on the internet.  Of course, over time you will be able to come
up with your own story and even be very efficient building a routine in varying

My key take way is that when you are in an auto suggestive state, via autogenic training you will be able to teach your subconsciousness the fundamentals you would like to focus on. You can formulate them in a positive way, i.e. My body works perfectly fine without sugar intake, I´m focused on my KetOntrack targets and will achieve them at ease, my mind and body are prepared to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I will be able to increase and perform on the fitness targets I have set for myself, just to name a few in context of KetOntrack.com.

I have
found, after years of practice, that I can do an autogenic relaxation cycle in
a couple of minutes, at most 5 minutes, which helps tremendously to exercise it
on a day to day basis and helps in pretty much any daily situation to re-focus
and align perspective again.

Of course,
you should enjoy all good things that get your balance between mind and body
established, such as a visit to a Spa or Sauna, long walks in a silent forest
(Bathing in the Woods) or at the beach on the ocean. Autogenic training is just
one of them. I personally think it is important on a daily basis to work on
mental strength, regardless the method, to provide more possibilities to
achieve your personal and professional goals.

Let me know
if you find this article helpful and which method is helping you most to relax
and refocus your mind.


Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s seventh week with KetOntrack

Having achieved the
sixth week practitioner, I felt eager to continue the journey and now focus on
continuing the program. I am now pushing the inherited daily routine of 16/8
intermittent fasting to two to three times 20/4 fasting per week, which provides
me an extra push. I am confident that with week 8 this will be a routine. Given
that I can focus on two meals a day for the 20/4 days, which is accommodating
my personal preference more, I do enjoy trying out more and more recipes and
have of course varied my salad construction kit for my meals. The Sauna / Spa
visit is now a weekly routine and really helps me in literally following a
healthy weekly cycle, where I can feel the push on my metabolism as a result of
a Sauna session.

Week 7 was initiating
a deeper focus on sleep patterns. Less screen time, more concentrated reading
before going to bed as well as inheriting the knowledge from the previous
weeks. Now I must say that changing sleep patterns is really changing my day routine
more than the change of eating habits, by following intermittent fasting guidelines.
I´m setting the scene to follow a plan that allows me to have 8 hours of sleep,
with 50% deep sleep phases so I complement my food intake to perfection. This
is still an ongoing task, and I am nearing the goal on most of my nights now.

Of course, there is a
“but”, which is quite some concerns. Being a father of a 1.5-year-old
child, nights can´t be planned out rosy as per scrap book. On top I was
suffering a slight cold, which was disturbing my nights rest a bit.

My three key takeaways in week 7:

  1. Amending sleeping patterns is harder than expected, but when longer sleep cycles are achieved with good deep sleep phases, my biorhythm is positively affected, i.e. by better concentration and fitness levels throughout the day.
  2. Pushing intermittent fasting to the next level is an easy top up to the established 16/8 schedule.
  3. On extended fasting intervals, I am really happy with two proper meals, compared to three in the usual fasting mode.

Week 8 focus for me is to further establish a better sleeping plan and observe the success in my sleep tracking device. I have taken a blood test to measure the results of the first 6 weeks and am eager to get the results, even though my doc already stated that he expects good results, given the ultra sonic examination he conducted on my inner organs. I have gotten a prescription for physiotherapy, so I am able to find some root causes for slight pain, resulting from my day to day workouts.

I am currently trying to bake some nice x-mas cookies in a low carb version. I have amended my grandma’s recipe for this twice, but have not yet achieved a satisfactory result. I was successful and find the recipe here.


Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s sixth week with KetOntrack

Completed the six-week program, what an experience! I´m really happy to have marked this milestone. Summarizing the step by step approach of the previous weeks in one sentence: A very rewarding and change in a lifetime self-exploration.

Having pushed the boundaries in fasting, learning a lot about nutrition and digestion, and picking up on getting fit again, was unexpecting a very smooth ride. This was exceptionally possible through the KetOntrack principles and the 6-weeks program. It´s not that you don´t have access to the knowledge, knowing what is good for you, i.e. less carbs, more rich in nutrients food, focused workout, having the right level of hydration and so on, but it´s the special way of KetOntrack having taught me and my body, to become metabolically flexible. This was a physical and psychological learning curve and has had so far, a big impact on my lifestyle.

Check my before and after pictures!

Needless to state that I am now since two weeks in keto, justified and measured via the Keto-Mojo meter, whereby in week 5 it was as desired a slight ketosis, then this week, with 18/6 intermittent fasting and usually two rich meals, as well as a good level of activity, I´m fully ‘ketonised’ 🙂

I´m now
much more energetic and I have written this in my previous posts, but what does
it actually mean? For me it means, that I´m much more focused on my energy
levels. I have achieved to be more awake and productive during the day. I have
the feeling as if someone switched on an additional battery. Even when there was
some hick up´s, as posted previously, with some sickness, I was able to recover
quickly, my body and mind demanding to continue on the chosen path. This is
simply fantastic.

Positive (side) effects I have noticed and which definitely need to be mentioned:

a.) Better Skin, cleaner, rosier look, less skin irritations
b.) Improved taste, food tastes richer and pure.
c.) Better sleep, more efficient recuperation.
d.) More relaxed, day to day approach to life.
e.) Down one and a half clothes sizes from my original size 6 weeks ago.
f.) All the gathered knowledge is very useful going forward.
g.) Picked up on autogenic training more frequently again.

Since one
of my passions is cooking, for me it was a won challenge to cook keto
compatible meals. I have amended a lot of my recipes to be keto friendly, derived
from the nutritional awareness achieved with KetOntrack. Some of my recipes are
already online here, and there are yet more to come. It was so far a fulfilling
experience, with some slight challenges, where I needed to prep some side
dishes for the family from time to time, to be equipped with the right level of
needed carbs (I have a son of 1 year, he needs it).

Being a
regular Sauna guest, especially in these nice Spa´s, I´m convinced that a Sauna
visit can remarkably soothe your body and soul and I think everyone should do
it frequently. I´m now going every week once, at least in the winter months, so
I stay fit and focused on staying healthy.

My three key take ways in week 6:

  • Time flew by, and now I feel like a new human being. Really remarkable.
  • Positive attitude comes from achieving set targets, as well as the overall improvements with KetOntrack, visible and inner strength. A foundation, which I trust to continue on the same path.
  • Twelve (12)!! Kilo´s down in 6 weeks. An achievement, but yet more to come and as the next steps, to increase muscle strength, resulting in more weight balance as a result.

In the
weeks to come the focus is on trying to improve sleep length and quality. I
will need to strengthen further my fitness and drive muscle growth in my back
and hip and of course get the belly even more reduced. What´s life without proper
targets? All in all, I am eager to continue the given path and am happy to receive
my KetOntrack Practitioner certificate, aiming to go the full path and become a
Trainer at some point.

I´m happy
to have achieved all this and thanks to Panagiotis for gathering all the
information and his consultancy and his mentoring on his true passion, being


Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s fifth week with KetOntrack

Last week was really perfect. This time the half day spa break at the sauna has been energizing me nicely. From nutritious perspective I stayed OnTrack with the plan and was eating except for one day, every first meal a big salad, lots of fish, once liver and for the rest of all meals, quite balanced and healthy. I´m trying a lot of variations of my salad recipe, to keep it diversified.

Week 5 was
all about inheriting the knowledge from the previous weeks and fulfilling the
plan as per goal to reach ketosis in week 6. I´m following the micro nutrition
needed to keep me healthy and at the same time, check on carbs and balanced
meals in general, so I complement my food intake to perfection. I think I
actually was already in a light ketosis most of the days, but that’s yet to be
proven with some measurement. I managed to push out the 16/8 schedule on many
days more to a 18/6 schedule and one two days was fine with two meals instead
of the envisaged three, without a problem.

I noticed
some nice effects, that with the energized level I have reached, my physical
awareness is increased. I wrote about it in the previous weeks that taste is
significantly improved, this now seems to expand to the body overall, where I
observed that I´m glowing. Maybe a bad description but with the right meaning,
resulting good days with the right and measured nutritional balance, work out
and activities, I´m feeling really comfortably fresh and energized.

My three-key
takeaway’s in week 5:

1. Balanced
meals can be tasty. I have created a roasted veggie recipe with grass fed beef
steak, which is really giving me the right nutritional balance, and it is super
tasty as well. As soon as time allows, I will post this recipe.

2. Physical
awareness of my body and mind is increased. Watch out for a post on a similar
subject this week on autogenic training and mind – body balance.

3. I now lost in total 10 Kilo´s, with visible effects on belly and wardrobe. I need to buy new clothes soon I believe. 🙂

Week 6
focus is on getting into ketosis continuing training as well as balanced meal
intake. I´m now, on top of all the previous weeks learnings, trying to improve
sleep length and quality for a start. It will be a challenge, but it is
important to go beyond the week 6 completion of the initial KetOntrack program.

visit´s I´m now regularly planning on a weekly basis and I´m confident that
this will ensure a healthy winter for me.


Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s fourth week with KetOntrack

starting week 4 with a half day spa break at the sauna has been a challenge. I think I suffered some digestive infection, which popped up when I was at the local sauna. This caused quite a rough start into the week, where I was struggling to keep up the daily routine in the designated schedule, which I was very proud of to have achieved in week 2 and 3. As a result, my body refused to have three meals a day and wasn´t up to consuming vegetables and salad in around two and a half days. (Still, the first day of week 4 I did have omelet and salad as the first meal.) This was ruining the training schedule at the start of the week and I needed to treat myself with some fennel tea and honey, to get over it. However, I maintained the 16/8 fasting schedule and of course lost some weight on top, which isn´t necessarily good. I was able to manage to be feeling ok again on day 3 of week 4 and was eager to get back on track with KetOntrack.

The rest of the week turned out to be as good as previous weeks again, so I am really happy it worked out well. Even though I had some drawbacks on my envisaged training schedule, I picked it up again from day 4. I had every day my morning routine hydration with salted lemon water, drank a lot and had from midst-week a salad every day. I was as well having fish regularly and once offal.

I felt energized midst-week, regaining confidence to continue with the program and was focusing more on quality sleep and resting, using my new fitness device.

I increased
activities, such as walking, easy work out, light yoga, within a daily routine,
which I will build a foundation on going forward.

My three
key takeaways in week 4:

1. Salad
without carbs as the first meal of the day, has helped me accomplishing the
KetOntrack nutritional guidelines. Paired with nutritional yeast, sesame seeds
and linseed, I´m feeling I have the right micro nutritional input for the day.

2. With provided consultancy of my personal KetOntrack advisor Panagiotis, recording and measuring my food intake and fitness activities on a daily basis, is now a habit, which I can use as a foundation going forward.

3. I´m now
8 Kilo´s down, compared to when I started with KetOntrack, whereby the weight
loss is not the biggest focus, but a side effect of the activities I´m
following as per plan.

I will post a recipe for a healthy salad, Asian style, which can be
varied modularly on a daily basis, in order to give some advice and
idea´s maintaining a diverting and balanced diet.

Week 5 now
will focus on reaching light ketosis as well as being in-depth focused on my
training as well as food intake, initiating to start strengthening physique and
routine lifestyle change, preparing towards achieving end of week 6 completion
of the initial KetOntrack program.

I´m rewarding myself once more with a sauna visit starting week 5 and am certain that this will help me strengthening my immune system for the coming winter as well as increasing my overall fitness level.


Cee Kay.

Cee Kay´s third week with KetOntrack

Having been
challenged in week 2, week 3 was all about substantiating the KetOntrack
program. I have followed the learning curve of the previous weeks and was now
really focused on cutting carbs and sugar in general. I stuck to the outlined
principles easily, and it is really fun to cook tasty meals with a much better
macro and micro nutritious factor, compared to the time before I started the

interval fasting has become part of the daily routine and what I couldn´t have
imagined initially, it is quite energizing!

Focus now
is to increase activities, such as walking, easy work out for the start and
yoga and build a day routine, that will be sustainable going forward.

My three
interesting insights in week 3:

Processed foods are sometimes surprisingly, sometimes not, equipped with
supplements that are inadequate for a healthy style of living.

2. Liver
can be prepared in variants that are quite tasty and supply me with the nutritious
intake my body needs.

3. Down by 7 kilos now, compared to when I started the program, is a nice side effect, whereby the healthier style of living is much more rewarding.

I´m still
not where I wanted to be from a fitness perspective, and I´m planning to change
the training schedule a bit in week 4, so I can target of achieving gradual
increase of workouts, stay tuned for news.

As a goodie, I´m going to reward myself with a visit to the sauna starting week 4, focusing on increasing intake on raw salads and vegetables, supplementing the KetOntrack lifestyle with the right level of balanced vitamin intake.


Cee Kay.