Adventures in movement

Our partner in fitness

A straight-forward approach to health and wellbeing

I met Gray Caws in an Oxygen Advantage meeting. He immediately struck me like a person with intention. He talk about breathing really inspirational so I contacted him immediately and I already knew that I wanted ketOntrack to work with him.

Over the months, that I have come to know Gray, I have really appreciated his coaching skills, I believe it is a unique opportunity for all the ketOntrack clients to work with him!

Why Adventures in movement



Nutrition meets cardiovascular health

I believe that every wellness transformation journey should start with nutrition as the foundation. This has allowed so many of our clients to lose some of the unwanted kilos, feel better and have more energy to take on the next challenge.

And fitness is in most cases the next challenge. At the start one should build some solid foundation by improving his/her cardiovascular health. But many times it may not be so obvious how to start and what are pitfalls to avoid.

So we have created together a simple program to enable every ketOntrack client to take advantage of. This a 5-step actionable course with a guided content which you can implement as a beginner.

And not only that! 

Gray will offer all ketOntrack clients a consultation and help you with actionable tips tailor made for you in order to start your fitness journey in the best way.