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it's all about trust

Finding someone you can trust and rely on to transform your health, open-up and share personal issues is not easy.
I acknowledge that.

Finding someone you can trust and rely on to transform your health and open-up, share with him very personal issues, is not easy. 
About Panagiotis

So here are a few things about me and ketOntrack.

I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet around 10 years ago, after some years of not really taking care of myself. I started noticing changes in myself. I had put on kilos on even though my diet had not changed much. I was finding I had more energy crashes, less and less energy and it was increasingly difficult to keep focused. 

Through my own journey I have come to realise how important our daily habits are for our health. But also how important our health is for productivity, work-life balance and achieving everything we aspire for. 

I am now honoured to be in NY Journal list of the top-30 lifestyle coaches. This came about as I strongly believe in personal engagement with all my clients throughout their life transforming journey to gain the experience, knowledge and beliefs needed. I believe having more energy and feeling better are key for going after your goals. 

Self-fulfillment comes from sharing, contributing and caring about others and this is what I want to achieve with ketOntrack. Share my knowledge, help others and contribute to your journey in becoming the best version of you.


Our Mission

At ketOntrack we believe that real health is all about having sustainable habits across all areas of your life. Although we all know where we should improve, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, stay focused and also the risk of being overwhelmed ! We are here to help you!

We will walk with you the journey of achieving real health in an accessible and controlled way by taking a holistic view in areas such as Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Mindfulness and Fitness.


We will personally help you gain the right knowledge and teach you the best practices to lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle by having increased energy levels, no more cravings, nutritional dense meals. In addition you will learn to be relaxed and focused, in tune with your circadian rhythm, fit mobile and strong.


Our Team

Panagiotis - FOUNDER & COACH

Panagiotis is constantly helping people in their health transformation journey. He strongly believes in the power of fasting and the effect that personal coaching can have. Panagiotis brings good organisational skills and is always open to discuss any individual issues or concerns.
“I will show you the right path, and we will tread this journey together.”

Arabella - Concept Manager

Arabella has an engineering background and is focusing on the design of our programs, quality management and customer satisfaction evaluation.

Emanuele - Product Marketing

Emanuele is helping our business to grow through affiliate and product marketing. He has an extensive experience in business development in many industry areas.

More ABOUT us

Below you will find answers and feedback to the most common questions we are receiving from you.

ketOntrack is a small team, passionate about health, passionate about spreading the message of health and helping everyone who is willing to commit to get back on track. KetOntrack was formed in 2018 and is now offering a unique set of coaching services to support you to reach your health goals. It is unique because 

  • We are personally engaged with you throughout your journey and until you have experience, knowledge and belief to support your life transforming habits. 
  • We are taking a holistic approach to health and based on 5 key pillars, nutrition, sleep, fitness, biohacking and stress, we help you get back on track.

ketOntrack is for everyone. 

For eveyone who wants to improve their health, have more energy and feel better. It is also for those who had many diets in the past and failed to reach their goals. It is for those who have issues such as insulin resistance, fatigue, skin or sleep issues.

But it is also for all those who want to learn about the benefits of a different lifestlyle, for those who want to try out a low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, or want to learn techniques to biohack their performance and live a longer and healthier life.

Finally it is for everyone who does not want to circle around, spending endless hours researching and not knowing what to do. 

We shortcut your way to getting yourself back on track.

Is it extreme to have more energy? Is it extreme to be more focused or to reach your ideal body weight without starving? No!

The ketOntrack program is specifically designed with a “one-step at a time” approach. We follow your own pace and listen to what your body is telling you. 

Additionally, all the ketOntrack practices are based on scientific research and with proven results both for our clients and millions of others. 

Of course, we can understand why someone would think that fasting for example is too extreme if they have been doing 5-6 meals/day for most of their adult life. Unfortunately there is so much misinformation on what is healthy and what is not. 

So for everything you will be doing with ketOntrack you will learn, in a simple and understandable language, that what we are suggesting is the way humans are designed to thrive, and the optimum way for you to become the best version of yourself.

Improving your health, having more energy and focus on your goals to achieve everything you want in life, is a worth while investment.

Depending on what you want to achieve we have 3 options currently at offer:

  1. A pay-as-you-go monthly recurring package which most of our customers choose as it offers most of the benefits and a lot of flexibility.
  2. A one-off payment for an 18-week commitment which includes three of our series.
  3. We also offer an hourly online consultation session.
Check our Programs page for more details.
"ketOntrack and myself are committed to spread the message of health and get your life back on track!"
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