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ketOntrack and I are commited to spread the message of health and get your life back on track!


Finding someone you can trust and relay on to transform your health and open-up and share with him very personal issues, is not easy. 

I understand that.

So here are a few things about me and ketOntrack.

I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet around 6 years ago, after some years of not really taking care of myself. I started noticing changes in myself. I had put on kilos on even though my diet had not changed much I was finding I had increasingly more energy crashes, less and less energy and increasingly difficult to keep focused. 

As time flies fast, I felt I had to re-take control of my lifestyle. This opened-up for me a new world of information and I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting, a the low-carb lifestyle. I started to do research constantly, trying to improve my own health habits and understand what is in reality “real” health. During this search I realized that what we are given to choose from the food and medical industries is not always the best option. Add on the fact that both my parents are currently on their own joyrney fighting cancer, I could not be anymore an observer but I needed to make a difference in people’s life!

At that point ketOntrack was born, with the key moto being “Get your self back on track”.

ketOntrack has now grown to a small team where we all share similar experiences and passions. We have created a set of services that we believe can have a profound positive effect but always after getting to know you and considering your needs.

Our team


Founder & COACH

Panagiotis is constantly helping many in their health transformation journey. He strongly believes in the power of fasting and the effect that 1-2-1 coaching can have. Panagiotis brings good organisational skills and is always open to discuss any individual issues or concerns. “I will show you the right path, and we will tread this journey together.”



Bart started his transformation journey about 5 years ago losing considerable weight in the process. He has recently joined ketOntrack as he felt he needed something more to stay on mark. “I appreciated all the support I got during my transformation, and I am also keen in helping other achieving their goals”.

I strongly believe that self-fullfilment comes from sharing, contributing and caring about others and this is what I want to achieve with ketOntrack. Share my knowledge, help others and contribute in becoming the best version of you.

I invite you to join me on a wonderful journey of knoweldge and self-discovery and service to ourselves and others. I am sure ketOntrack will become your passion, as it is mine.

ketOntrack Founder

What does ketOntrack mean?


ketOntrack is great word play combining keto & on track


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