The first ketOntrack meetup became a reality

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This week was an important milestone for ketOntrack, with the first ketOntrack meetup taking place and I would like to just briefly discuss about it for the benefit of those who could not make it. But first of all I would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone for you for the continuing support […]

The underlying need for health and the MTHFR gene

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Why are some people calm and other on the edge all the time? Why do some people seem to eat whatever they want and never ever gain a kilo? Is there maybe a bigger force dictating who we are and to an extend our destiny? In today’s post I want us to take a first […]

Reaching my 1st goal after 12 week with KetOntrack

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Having successfully completed my first 6 weeks I thought that the next step would be easier. All I had to do was to focus on my sleeping habits and improving them. Jolly Christmas Unfortunately it was around Christmas when my focus went a bit under the bridge. We were staying at a hotel with the […]

The connection between sleep and weight loss

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It’s no secret that a poor night’s sleep leaves you feeling less than ideal the next day. It’s when we sleep that our bodies repair and rejuvenate. Even short term sleep deprivation can have serious side effects. But if you have ever spent the night watching the minutes pass-by then you know that inadequate sleep […]

Physiology of fasting

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Fasting is always is always an eye-opening experience! And since Christina is now starting her master series with a 2-day water fast, I decided to join her and I am so keen to share with you more! If you haven’t gone through any type of fasting, reading about it must raise an eybrow, but I […]

Cee Kay´s tenth week with KetOntrack

Looking into the new year’s resolution, I had been curious to see how I can kick start my metabolism again. Whilst I have been experimenting with MCT oil and did explore biohacking with it, as mentioned here, I have decided as part of the new year’s resolution to do a wet fast of at least […]