Cee Kay´s fourth week with KetOntrack

starting week 4 with a half day spa break at the sauna has been a challenge. I think I suffered some digestive infection, which popped up when I was at the local sauna. This caused quite a rough start into the week, where I was struggling to keep up the daily routine in the designated […]

Cee Kay´s third week with KetOntrack

Having been challenged in week 2, week 3 was all about substantiating the KetOntrack program. I have followed the learning curve of the previous weeks and was now really focused on cutting carbs and sugar in general. I stuck to the outlined principles easily, and it is really fun to cook tasty meals with a […]

Steam your stress off

I am slowly starting to believe that the holy grail of health is stress management and the balance of it. So many of us are living very stressful lifes.

Cee Kay´s second week with ketOntrack

Having completed week 1 at ease, week 2 became a challenge, when I was suffering a cold for three days. I continued to absorb the information available on ketontrack.com and found that the recipes available in the weekly plans and on ketontrack.com helped me quite a lot in finding the right nutritious balance in the […]

Cee Kay´s first week with KetOntrack

Wanting to generally achieve a good fitness level, given increasing age in my forties, I thought with the great concept of KetOntrack, I give it a shot. Of course, losing weight is one of the key benefits, but the overall concept to change lifestyle on the long run, was the bigger argument for me.

Becoming a master of Intermittent Fasting

fasting expert

So you are comfortable with intermittent fasting and following a schedule similar to 16/8. This is now part of your life and you are enjoying benefits. Fat loss, more energy, mind clarity, less cravings. Congratulations, this is a great achievement!