carnivore vs vegan

There seems to be war going-on! Pieces of meat and fruit are flying around! Keep your heads low! Carnivore vs Vegan. So confusing. What is really healthier? Is there one definite answer?

My yearly “lent”

Hi! My name is Martin. I typically use the yearly „lent“ period of 45 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter to perform a diet. This is not for religious reasons but since in boxing I would fall under the heavy weights, my key target during the lent is to lose weight. This year, also inspired by Panagiotis and his insights into fasting, I set the following principles.

The benefits of a balanced diet

Today i will be sharing a personal story and some of my learnings from it.
I have been doing a low carb diet for a few years now with great results. Lost excess weight and went down to around 8% fat, a percentage easily kept all around the year. More importantly I have eliminated energy crashes, and have increased my energy levels throughout the day and hugely improved my sleep.