Is a healthy meal boring and bland?

Many of the people I discuss with ask me how I don’t get bored by having removed so many of the food choices from diet. And my answer is that this diet has not limited me in any way, is delicious and is actually opening new paths to my tastebuds. Let’s see why.

Silver linings

I am now on my 10th week. Losing fat is what I care the most about, and up to now I’ve lost 8 kilos.

A first look at Fitness

What should your fitness goals be in terms of health?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote longevity from a fitness point of view you will need to focus on two areas mainly.

Starting your nutrition journey

Most diets have some signature naming. Low-fat diets, high-fat diets, meat only diets, vegeterian diets and so forth. However most of these definitions are from my perspective misleading since they make no reference to the nutrition we need nor the end-goal we want to reach.