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Our Mission

At ketOntrack we believe that real health is all about having sustainable habits across all areas of your life. Although we all know where we should improve, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, stay focussed and also the risk of being overwhelmed ! We are here to help you!

We will walk with you the journey of achieving real health in an accessible and controlled way by taking a holistic view in areas such as Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Mindfulness and Fitness.


We will personally help you gain the right knowledge and teach you the best practices to lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle by having increased energy levels, no more cravings, nutritional dense meals. In addition you will learn to be relaxed and focused, in tune with your circadian rhythm, fit mobile and strong.

What we do

Lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle with 5 areas of focus

Nutrition & Fasting 

Low-carb/keto, fasting and a nutritional dense diet is all your body needs


Regenerate your body and mind every night with deep, quality sleep


Improve performance, energy levels and cognitive function by optimising the enviroment around you and inside you


Exercise like your life depends on it

why we can help

Why KetOntrack?

Personal Coaching​

A program tailored to your individual needs. Weekly coaching and challenges​

Pace Yourself​

Follow your own pace, where every change becomes part of your daily routine


Get support from a growing health and lifestyle community


Real Health is only achievable when you take a holistic view of your lifestyle

Why you should hire us

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